Wine Tasting Experience Review

This review was submitted by Peter Wright, who wanted to share his experience of a wine tasting day for anyone who has thought about going to one, but wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Arriving at Vinopolis in London’s Bankside, beside Borough Market and Shakespeare’s Globe, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a wine tasting experience. Only that I would be tasting wine and trying not to get too tipsy!

But it actually turned out to be a brilliant day with a friendly group of all people all out to enjoy and sample wines from all around the world, before enjoying a delicious lunch and buying a bottle to take home at the end of the day.

Stepping through the great big glass double doors of a very modern exterior, took me through to a pleasingly rustic interior where I gathered together with the rest of the group (having arrived late) for a tour.

We were all give 12 drinks tokens each to sample all sorts of wines, Champagnes and spirits on offer, but before the tasting could begin, we had a 15 minute ‘how to taste wine’ session about how to appreciate and taste wine, such as which taste buds control which flavours and how to breath in wine on your tongue to release the flavour.

It was surprisingly fun and informative, and then we were allowed to get on with the tasting at our own leisure and most importantly, take it all out our own pace. The group I was in were all very talkative and quick to recommend wines from the various taps you fed your tokens into.

I must say that the wine tasting was the most enjoyable I’ve ever taken part in, because of the social aspect with the other visitors in the tasting made it such good fun.

The buffet lunch was amazing as well. The selection of different cheeses and the pate were absolutely delicious, especially with a glass of wine to wash it all down.

The atmosphere was nice and wooden, and had a bit of a bar feel too it, but a classy bar, with couches!

By the end of the tour I left a little jolly with the rest of the group with no real idea of how much time had passed, only that I had thoroughly enjoyed myself and would recommend the experience to anyone, whether you’re on your own and looking to mingle on the day or going with a group of people.

I was so pleased with the experience day that my sister had bought for me, I called her straight away to tell her what a wonderful time I had and all about the people I had met.

I shall certainly be purchasing this sort of gift experience for someone else in the future!