Bordeaux Fine Wines: The People's Favourite

My brother and I finally achieved our lifelong dream last year – to go into the restaurant business together and start a little empire of fine dining. We both had previous experience in the industry – he a chef and me a manager – so we were hoping to hit the ground running. The food was a success but critics and customers were consistently disappointed with our wines that we had to offer. The wines we stocked were expensive so we just naturally assumed they would be of the best quality. Our limited knowledge was starting to show sooner rather than later so after Christmas we decided to completely overhaul our wine menu and headed out personally to France to visit fine wine merchants.

We did some basic internet research and decided to go to Bordeaux as it is renowned for the quality (and cost!) of its wines. Bordeaux fine wines seemed to be the drink of choice for most restaurants that we were hoping to rival and, after some tasting sessions, we soon discovered why. It was on one of the final days of our trip that we encountered Pomerol wines. A somewhat small region of wine making, Pomerol’s most famous wine is the Château Petrus. It is a very pricey Merlot that contains elements of cherry and plum in its full-bodied flavour. My taste buds said yes as they were overwhelmed by the complexity of the wine and my brother also approved. Older bottles were well beyond our budget but we managed to stretch to a case of a younger batch, knowing that if we didn’t manage to sell it to our patrons back in the UK it would at least appreciate in value.

For the most part, we bought a few dozen cases of various Cabernet Sauvignon varieties as these wines go well with a lot of the meat dishes on our menu. We have made plans to visit the region again very soon to stock up for the Christmas period. I’m pleased to say the critics have been silenced and our fine French wine is as popular as ever.

This post has been contributed by Samuel Winters, a sommelier who has worked many different jobs and roles within the food and drink industry.