The perfect takeaway for a Saturday night in

What with a busy week taken care of, great TV and a relaxing Sunday to look forward to, Saturday is the perfect time to get the family together for a great night in.

One of the most important ingredients in a great night in is a great takeaway. The excitement of choosing the food and the anticipation of waiting for the delivery all add to the fun family atmosphere.

However, getting the family to agree on which takeaway to choose can be tricky. So if you’re struggling to decide between a Chinese feast or an Italian banquet, here are some ideas to help you make up your mind.

Chinese Takeaway

Most high streets have at least a couple of Chinese restaurants making it one of the most easily accessible forms of takeaway available.

Chinese is also often one of the cheapest takeaways, with most dishes coming in well under a tenner.

There’s normally enough choice to keep everyone happy, and for meat eaters Chinese food is heaven, however if you’ve got a vegetarian or two in your brood they may find their dishes less exciting and less varied.

Indian Cuisine

On the other hand, an Indian takeaway is perfect for even the fussiest vegetarians and offers a huge amount of choice and variety.

The sides in an Indian takeaway are what make it the most exciting; after all, what child doesn’t love a fluffy naan bread or a crispy onion bhaji?

However, these extras can add up so try saving money by cooking your own rice at home while you’re waiting for the food to arrive.


A classic staple of American movies, the takeaway pizza is one of the most indulgent kinds of delivered food around.

Covered with melted cheese, sliced meat and veg, the pizza may not be the healthiest choice, but it is pretty much guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Plus if there are any leftovers they make a great Sunday morning breakfast.

Thai Cuisine

Thai takeaways can be great value, relatively healthy and ridiculously tasty.

With classics such as pad Thai and Thai green and red curries to choose from, diners will rarely be disappointed with the flavoursome offerings from a Thai takeaway.

However if you’ve got young children watch out as they can also be a touch on the spicy side.

The fantastic choice and variety of takeaways out there can make it difficult to keep everyone happy, so in the end it’s got to be Mum and Dad that get the final call – if your kids agree that is.