MacKnight launches its Simple Salmon brand

MacKnight, the leading processor of Scottish and Norwegian Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon, is launching its Simple Salmon brand into grocery retail, which includes: Salmon Mignons, Smoked Salmon Bacon, Salmon Chorizo Sausage and Salmon Burgers – the first of their kind and a healthier alternative to meat.

Made from 100% premium Atlantic Salmon, this new and innovative seafood range (which can be supplied as chilled or frozen) provides a more ‘accessible’ healthier lifestyle option – reinforcing MacKnight’s positioning as ‘the salmon specialists’ diversifying the category.

The range includes:

Salmon Mignons (170g) – available in a variety of flavours including: Green Tea and Ginger, Lemon and Pepper, Dill and Juniper, Sweet and Smokey, Lime and Chilli – the product delivers a perfect centre of plate gourmet experience.

Smoked Salmon Bacon (170g) – cured with rock salt, maple syrup and specially selected spices. Once cured, it’s air dried and gently smoked for 48 hours. High in Omega 3.

Salmon Chorizo Sausage (4 x 80g) – created to replicate a traditional English breakfast burger, it has the great sausage flavour but with all the healthy lifestyle benefits. High in Omega 3 with no trans fatty acids.

Salmon Burgers (2 x 100g) – fully versatile, great value and high quality protein. A fantastic alternative to a meat pattie, Salmon Burgers are high in Omega 3 (5.2gr per 100gr serving) and contain no trans-fat.

Flavoured Hot Smoked Portions (2 x 170g) – these hot smoked portions are skin wrapped with an assortment of flavours including: plain, peppered, ginger lime & chilli and tomato & basil. The salmon portions are marinated then smoked over oak wood chips for a minimal period – creating a juicy finish with mild smokey overtones. Available fresh or frozen.

Tony Ingham, Chief Commercial Officer for MacKnight Ltd says. “Simple Salmon leads the way with its great tasting ‘alternative’ salmon products which require quick and easy preparation whilst providing a delicious (and adventurous) nutritious meal.”

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