Y Polen in Camarthenshire crowned as Wales' best pub

A pub located in Carmarthenshire called Y Polyn has recently been declared the best pub in the country by the Good Food Readers Restaurant Awards. There were nearly 45,000 entrants for the competition and this pub managed to beat them all to take the title. The restaurant is run by a couple, Mark Manson and his wife, Susan.

Mr Manson commented, “It is a great honour to have received this award, it is something that is voted for by customers of such pubs and we are delighted to have been honoured this year. Our main goal, as with any restaurant, is to have a dining room which is full of customers who are happy with the food and service. We think it is a great testament to our restaurant that people have taken the time to vote for it to receive this award.

“We are a pub that focuses on sourcing local food and we think this is something that people are particularly aware of in the local area. In the last few years people have become more and more concerned about where their food is coming from and are keen to eat food that has not travelled very far.”

The restaurant is one of 10 winners on a regional basis that have been selected from around the United Kingdom. It is not yet known which of the restaurants is going to be declared the best overall winner in the whole of the UK however, this result is going to be released on 20 June.

A consultant editor of the guide that has given the award, Elizabeth Carter, has stated, “The reason this pub has won this award is simply because their food is incredible. It is seasonal, sourced locally, perfectly prepared and it’s absolutely delicious. It is a wonderful example of a successful small business.”