Thawaites opening pubs instead of closing them

The East Lancashire brewery Thawaites has scheduled to open over 20 high-class pubs to try and jump start the sagging market this to go along with the 350 inns owned throughout the country they want to capitalize on the creating a new brand that combines pubs with accommodation. Included in this is the Millstone at Mellor, set to be renovated and the new Inns of Character that will include five sites in existence.

The remaining pubs, for their traditional assets, suite bedrooms and local fare, exceptional hospitality will be handpicked. The Lake District and Ribble Valley areas are thought to be where the Inns of Character will be opened this coming from Thwaites bosses since they have boomed in recently in the food tourism sector.

A very different style and experience for both the leisure and corporate traveler will be delivered says Thwaites managing director Anthony Spencer, with high standards but informal service style making them a great alternative to impersonal budget accommodations by having character and personalities to interact with the guests.

The Stafford Hotel in London sale, a very criticized deal by shareholders for £77.5 million in 2009 is what has bankrolled this new spending spree for the Inns of Character. The Thwaites portfolio has struggled in the past years with sales dropping £23 million to £135 million in 2010 that has caused them to put some properties up for sale with covenants that they cannot be reopened to run as pubs.

The bar is going to be the center of the operation thus a place of meeting for all a place where people can come to feel at home with coffee or a pint of their famous Thwaites beer and he commented, with criticism towards some of the East Lancashire pubs that these sites are not going to be inns where the drinkers are going to feel or be alienated.