Philippe Brillant re-opening Le Parisien

Philippe Brillant the legendary chef and former to chef to the Royal Family Saudi will be re-opening Le Parisien this month after adding on a new pavilion.  The re-launch has been widely anticipated with Good Food Guide 2011 readers already recommending it.

Brillant comes from a solid culinary background with training by Chef Joel Robuchon and a great deal of experience in some of the best restaurants around the globe including not only his work as the master chef for the Saudi Royal Family for the Prince Khalid Abdullah, but also for supplying his specialty breads to The Hindhead in Bray, Heston Blumenthal, Anthony Worral Thompson, Riverside Brasserie, and many other fine dining locations.  He also owns a bakery called the Salon de The found on the fifth floor of the London Harvey Nichols.

This week also sees the launch of their new website

Le Parisien offers modern French dining which champions wonderful food using the freshest ingredients, fine wines and excellent service.  Le Parisien also has a cookery school and is an ideal business meetings and events venue.

Philippe Brillant, Le Chef / Patron of Le Parisien says: “My vision was to create ultra-fresh French cuisine which combines authentic French regional character with gourmet specialities.

“It is vital to me that we use the very best seasonal produce and promote food that has been grown in a way that is sustainable, environmentally sensitive and supportive of local businesses.  I enjoy cooking food that surprises you with its depth of flavour, or its texture combinations, whilst ensuring purity of ingredients so that every morsel is simply delicious!

“We look forward to welcoming you to Le Parisien in 2011 to help us re-launch this wonderful venue and restaurant.”