Jamie Oliver Gatwick airport new restaurant

Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are two TV chefs who are known to have a great rivalry, and this is expected to continue with the opening of Oliver’s new restaurant at Gatwick airport. Many people are going to compare this to the Gordon Ramsay restaurant which has opened at Heathrow.

The restaurant is called Jamie Oliver at Gatwick and it is going to be located in the North terminal building. The restaurants will span nearly 6000 square feet and is part of an upgrade to Gatwick which is valued at over £1 billion.

There is also going to be a wonderful view over the airfield and it is due to open just in time for the Olympic Games this summer. The two chefs have previously been involved in a rivalry in central London where they both opened restaurants in the same area of the city.

Gordon Ramsay famously commented before opening his restaurant in Heathrow that food in airports in the UK is a disgrace. The food that he is serving out his Heathrow restaurant is different to what he serves as his others, whereas Jamie Oliver has decided to serve up the same food as seen at his other Italian restaurants.

Charles Campion is a food writer for the Evening Standard and he recently commented, “A combination of price and convenience is what will allow a restaurant in an airport to succeed. People are not going to an airport to have dinner, the food is just something that is there for convenience.”

Jamie Oliver commented, “We are excited about building this new restaurant at Gatwick, it is my hope the team will be able to take all of the best things from our existing restaurants and bring them to this new location. We are also looking forward to opening a special bar that will be serving British foods and wines.”