Women, are your men man enough for the best chilli jam in the Wolds?

Yorkshire saw a great number of performers at the 2012 Olympics do rather well, and the county is also particularly famous for their food. If you are looking to give a gift to a man this Christmas, then you should consider giving the Bhut Jolokia Chilli Jam which just won a competition for being incredibly spicy.

Blisteringly hot, it is made from Bhut Jolokia, the hottest commercially available chilli in the world, cleverly combined with tomatoes, sugar, ginger, red wine and organic balsamic vinegar in the Chilli Jam Man’s rural factory in North Yorkshire.

The Bhut, as Chilli Jam Man (AKA Simon Barrett, who runs the growing business with his wife, Bonita) fondly refers to it, makes a great ingredient to spice up a dull dish, fires up soups, stir fries and casseroles, or is devilishly good on its own with meats and cheeses if you’re up for a challenge. If, however, you’re struggling with ideas about how to maximise your chilli jam enjoyment, you could always turn to the Chilli Jam Man’s free download of ‘The Joy of Jam’ to spice up your life!

Bhut Jolokia Chilli Jam is one of a range of all natural jams to suit all tastes, from the gentle Yorkshire Wolds Chilli Jam through the medium strength Garlic Chilli Jam to the blow your socks off ‘ultra jam’ trilogy of Ginja Ninja (AKA ‘Chuck Norris in a Jar’), Mo Jo and the Podfather. All are available online at www.thechillijamman.com and from selected Christmas Fairs nationwide. Please see the website for details.

Signing off, The Chilli Jam Man says; “If you want to make your man smile, give him Bhut Jolokia, but if you want to make him cry, it’s got to be Ginja Ninja….”