Wild and Exotic culinary delights of Thailand

There are some truly weird delicacies you can eat in Thailand from deep fried insects to horrifically lifelike ‘human body parts’ made out of bread. Thai people have a very different culture to us Westerners and this is why some of their favourite foodstuffs may seem revolting to us at first. However, they deserve to be given a try – ‘when in Rome…’ as they say. So, if you are thinking of booking flights to Phuket and you want to truly immerse yourself in Thai culture, make sure you try some of these weird and wonderful dishes:

Fried insects

Thai people absolutely love these deep fried snacks and they are certainly full of protein. Caterpillars and worms, locusts and scorpions, crickets and beetles, all get coated in batter and fried in front of you at little roadside stalls. Well, it makes a change from a packet of crisps!

Half gestated eggs

Balut is a delicacy for strong stomachs. Often sold as a roadside snack, they are fertilised duck eggs in which the embryonic duck has been allowed to grow for a few weeks. This delightful morsel is eaten straight from the shell with a pinch of salt. Not one for the faint hearted!

Bat paste

This is an interesting Thai delicacy which can be made from all kinds of bats. The live animals are tossed into boiling water and then roasted. The paste is then made by chopping up the cooked bats and pulverising them with herbs and spices. Alternatively, Fruit Bat soup is made by stewing a couple of these large animals with onion and ginger, then discarding the skin and bones to make a soup with the bat meat.

Baked bananas

Fortunately there are also some delicious snacks at Thai food stalls that don’t challenge the tastebuds quite so much. Bananas, for example, whether simply grilled in their skins and served with sugar or deep fried in batter and flavoured with coconut and sesame seeds, make a great snack.

Gory ‘body parts’ bread

Believe it or not, a bakery in Bangkok produces the most revolting looking bread you’ve ever seen. Made to look like parts from a dead human body, the ‘feet’ ‘heads and ‘torsos’ are like something out of a Hollywood special effects department. It’s worth hunting down the shop just to see it with your own eyes.

Other bizarre Thai dishes

At food markets you might see foods with bright and interesting colours which we might think of as odd, such as jade noodles and bright blue sweets. Or you might see a stall selling hornet larvae – a highly prized ingredient in some speciality Thai curries – which are sold complete with the nest, in their wriggling white blobbiness. Other ‘interesting’ ingredients include the partly digested grass from a cow’s stomach, and stewed cow’s afterbirth. The list goes on and on, but the only way to find out about these wild and crazy delicacies yourself is to book your flights to Phuket and set off on a Thai culinary adventure.