West Midlands wants to export more food and drink to Ireland

Manufacturers of food and drinks in the West Midlands have recently been invited to take part in a trade mission, in order to increase the amount of goods that they are exporting to Ireland. The trade mission has been organised by the UK Trade and Investment department and the vision behind the project is to bring a taste of Britain to Ireland.

A trade show will be taking place in the country where manufacturers of various goods will have an opportunity to display all of their fantastic products for people to sample. There are also going to be a series of seminars as part of the trade mission, which are going to provide expert advice to people in order to help them get information about exploiting export opportunities in Ireland.

This is being regarded as a very good opportunity for local businesses, as it is something that should allow them to increase their profits. Taking a business to another country is an opportunity to access an entirely new market, something that almost all businesses are going to welcome.

Ireland is still one of the largest export markets for the UK when it comes to drinks and food products, and it is estimated that in only in the last year products worth over £3 million were exported to Ireland. It is estimated that the average consumer in Ireland spends around £2500 every year on food and drinks from Britain. The most popular items include snacks, preserves, and health and well-being products. Alcohol is also particularly popular, as is frozen food. There is no question that this could be a valuable opportunity for businesses in the West Midlands.