The Wild Game Co. takes award for offering great street food

The Wild Game Co. is a company based in London that provide game and venison to customers. They’ve recently been given an award by the Young British Foodie which recognises them as having some of the best street food in the country.

The awards took place in Regents Park in London and saw many of country’s greatest stars from the food industry attend. There was a wide range of people who are innovating in the food industry and have established a new generation of food lovers.

In the competition the judges were looking to award prizes in seven different categories, one of which was Street food. There was a great deal of competition for this award including from the notable street chef, also known for his sustainability, Mark Jankell.

Andy Waugh is the man behind The Wild Game Co. and he started his business by initially selling raw meats at the Saturday market in Broadway. He quickly diversified into cooking food and serving up steak sandwiches to people at the market on Whitecross Street. In order to win the competition he served up his famous sandwiches to the competitions judges. These sandwiches included venison, cherry tomatoes, caramelised onions, Dijon mustard as well as redcurrant jelly.

Mr Waugh commented about his win, “It is a fantastic feeling, I’m really delighted that I have won this award and I think that it just goes to show that people still have a great deal of faith in food from the UK. I grew up in Scotland where we have a huge amount of seafood, game and wild venison available, so it is great for me to be able to bring these products to other parts of the UK.”