The great British pie

The British pie is something that has remained ever present in the diets of people. It is something that can be made and enjoyed at all times of the year as it can contain such a wide variety of ingredients. It is something that can come in all different types from the very sweet to the savoury. There are also many types of pastry that can be used to compliment the filling. Pies are a great food to enjoy at any time and will be sure to satisfy you as well as being delicious.

There are different types of pie that are made in different regions of the UK, and they vary substantially. For example, in Yorkshire you will find that the meal of ‘pie and peas,’ is popular. This is not the steak and kidney pie you might expect, but a pork pie. This pie is heated and served with a mint sauce with peas on the side. The peas are generally served mushy as this helps to offset how crispy the pastry of the pork pie will be. This meal is typically eaten at the coldest times of the year, especially in November as it is traditional to eat it on bonfire night.

Melton Mowbray pies are like the Cumberland sausage, and must be made in a specific area. This is a condition that is stipulated by the European Commission. This essential means that the Melton Mowbray pie can only be made in that region of the East Midlands. While the pie can be made elsewhere it cannot carry the title of Melton Mowbray, much like Cumberland sausages can be made outside Cumberland but they cannot enjoy the name.

Another region with a legacy of pies is Cambridgeshire. Here they have a special type of pie being made called the ‘fidget pie.’ It is made with five sides and traditionally was made with apples and bacon as well as cider and other ingredients. A variation on the traditional pie sees it being made with potatoes as well. Yorkshire is the country known for some of the best pies that are using a mix of meat and potatoes. The Denby Dale Pie is a great example and it is made with beef, potatoes and plenty of gravy.

Other types of pies are cooked within a large pastry casing. Typical pie ingredients include pork and ham and they are normally seasoned with sage and other herbs. When pies where first created they were being mostly eaten by the working classes as a form of fast food. This is similar to the Cornish pasty – another fast food from the past. Different types of pies can be found all across the country and depending on where you are you will find a different take on this traditional British food.