Street food on the up and up

Man vs Food is one of the most popular culinary shows on television right now, and it is has left a large impact in its wake. In fact, due to this programme and other similar shows street food has become an increasing trend with many people making it a point to eat street food on a more frequent basis.

Swansea is ready to take part in the revolution by launching a brand new street food festival. Port Tennant Chef Ryan Hodges and his girlfriend Rhain Evans who is a cookery teacher have spent their free time touring around the UK with a mobile pizza oven.

Over the last few months they have noticed that street food is gaining in popularity and this inspired them to create a street food festival in Swansea. The festival is called the Swansea Street Feasts event and will take place on April 20th on Mumbles Road across from St. Helen’s. At the moment they expect to have at least six stalls.

Hodges stated that it will not be like a traditional food festival because all of the food is ready to eat fro the moment you walk up to the vendor. He went on to explain that all of the traders are local and from the South Wales area with three actually hailing from Swansea.

Hodges went on to explain that they have been trading with their pizza mobile titled Fired Up Feasts for the past 12 months and were also a port of the Get Welsh food festival. During this time they have seen how successful Cardiff and London Street festivals have been and decided that now was the time for Swansea to have their own festival.

He added that it is a difficult market right now, but street food continues to grow in popularity and they are hoping to see success at Swansea. Depending on the success of the event they may attempt it again next year.