Scotland’s restaurants turn a corner

Scotland has been known for decades as the home of basic and traditional food that to say the very least is usually very unappealing.  However, over the last few years the country has spawned a few delicious morsels that have people thinking twice about their stereotypical image of Scottish food.

Figures show that Michelin starred restaurants are on the rise in Scotland with over 89% of visitors who head to Scotland listing cuisine as one of their primary tourist activities.  This figure is even higher than the 83% of tourists who claim eating out is on the top of their priority list while in London.

Part of the reason for this rise is the fact that there are now 15 Michelin starred restaurants across Scotland that offer the culinary talents of some of Britain’s masterchefs such as Brian Maule at Chardon D’or, Tom Kitchin in Edinburgh, Martin Wishart also in Edinburgh, and Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles.

Even more attractive is the fact that some of these experts also offer cookery lessons to tourists.  Also ranking high as a reason to head to Scotland among tourists were socializing with 57% of the vote and visiting pubs at 67% on the list.  Of course, shopping also ranks high up on the list with 70% of the vote which is the same percentage among tourists who head to London.

Director of the Scottish Tourism Forum, William Macleod, stated that the standard of Scottish food is continuing to improve both due to the fact that more raw produce is being used in the kitchen and because chefs of all levels are flocking into the country.  He added that not only can Scotland offer a handful of Michelin chefs, but the cooks in their regular diners and pubs are also very talented.