Scotland's best baker reveals the secret of his success

The best baker in Scotland revealed that the secret to his success is actually very simple: love. Back in 1983 Andre Sarafilovic started his bakery career as an apprentice at the family firm Stephens Bakery in Dunfermline.

His boss at the time Al Terris said that he started work promptly at 4am daily and was very dedicated to baking even though he seemed a bit lonely. Terris thought it would be nice for his daughter to take him out for a drink which eventually allowed them to fall in love and eventually they tied the knot.

As a couple they have helped the company increase their sales and last weekend took home the grand honour of being the Scottish Baker of the Year. The family firm was founded in 1873 by William Stephen when the rolls were actually still delivered by a horse to homes.

When Andrew joined the bakery the company only had 70 people and an annual turnover of about £1.25m, but now they have 165 staff members and a very impressive turnover of £7.5m. The company produces about 500,000 products every week out of which 15,000 steak birdies and 170,000 morning rolls are made.

Andre stated that he is very happy that a Stephens’ product is created every second and he has always loved baking. Wife Rona stated that their children are very interested in the company and it is possible that one day they will take it over but they are not going to force them into a love of baking.

The Best Baker award was given to Mich Turner and was hosted by Scottish bakers who promote and support the bakery trade. Over 15,000 customers voted on their favourite bakery and then the thirty best products for each category were given to expert judges in Fife for a final judging.