Scotland offers so much more cuisine than the fried Mars bar

Nationally there is a lot of criticism of the Scottish diet given the fact that their diets are laced with so many fatty and fried foods, but ironically the country also has some of the finest produce in the world, including some of the most stunning shellfish from the west coast of the country.  Also notable are the fine raspberries that are sharp and sweet and meat products such as lamb, pork, and beef that is the best in Europe.

Still, Scots choose to eat badly with even their salads filled with chops, beans, and pie such as the Glasgow Salad.  Yet, even knowing this fact it is said that children are consuming equally bad diets with breakfasts that consist of nothing more than fried chocolate and crisps which do not help anyone in terms of energy, rest, or work.

New research that was performed by Oxford University found that if the Scots were to eat more aligned with the traditional ‘English’ diet that offered more fruit and vegetables as well as significantly less salt and saturated fats than the average death rate could be lowered by about 4,000 deaths every year.

It is easy to understand where the poor diet was bred however as Scotland is a typical Northern European nation born of heavy industry, poorer citizens, and the fact that in cold weather when one performs physical labour they need a bit more than an apple to help deal with the cold temperatures and the demands on the body that hard labour brings. At this time, something that was high in protein and carbs was actually needed, and their whole attitude to food needs to be considered.