Scotland offering more choices of local cuisine to tourists

The tourism business in Scotland has been challenged by advocate organizations and the government to increase the “genuine” Scotland experience by offering more choices of local cuisine, food, and fare to tourists.  A guide has recently been published to help businesses in the tourism industry to learn how offering the “genuine” Scottish experience to guests can help them boost their success.

One survey suggests that visitors are willing to pay up to 7 per cent more for genuine Scottish food served with local produce.  The Enterprise Minister has encouraged local restaurants, guesthouses, and pubs to tell the authentic story of Scotland to tourists by offering genuine Scottish foods and beverages to be enjoyed along with tales of their origin and the provenance of Scotland.

The country has a special place in history and somehow, for some reason, that history is not being told in the food and beverages offered to visitors.  People who come to Scotland are looking to have a genuine experience, based on what many might take for ordinary and run of the mill.  By not offering what we consider to be ordinary fare, we are robbing the tourist of the “genuine article” they seek to experience.

Many food and beverage providers are trying to out do themselves by offering fare they might consider extraordinary, when it is that very traditional fare that the visitor means to seek out.  By not offering tourists traditional dishes, establishments are missing the boat and failing in their opportunity to provide quality traditional food to people with an interest in it.