Return of Yorkshire’s pie

Due to public demand master butcher, Stuart Lillie, of Maltby Grange farm shop, in Maltby, has re-introduced the well known North Yorkshire Lillie’s pie after an absence of nearly 10 years. He has said that the pie revival is the result of so many people having fond memories of the pies, produced at the time when he ran the family butchery in Guisborough, East Cleveland.

Mr Lillie, the butchery Manager, calls on the Guisborough Market twice a week with the farm meat. On one of his visits a former customer mentioned the pies and after consultation with, and a little persuasion from, Martin Lowcock, the farm owner, the pies are once more available using meat from the farm where the lamb, beef, pork, poultry and game are reared.

He is working in collaboration with his niece to produce the well known pie. Mr Lillie prepares the seasoning and meat while his niece, Catherine, together with her husband Ben, the owners of Lillie’s Catering in Middlesbrough, attends to the baking.  They bake the pies to an old family recipe handed down from generations before.

For the time being production will centre on the most popular flavours of mince and onion, pork and egg and bacon. They hope to increase their range in the coming summer months but this will depend on sales at the farm shop and the market.

The farm has become a popular site for visitors who are permitted, on open days, to watch the food production and see for themselves how the animals are reared. The farm is thankful for the patronage, having had a record-breaking attendance, and is happy for the customer to wander around the farm and see exactly where the food originates, something that the large food stores cannot do.