Regional Barbecue Variations

There are not too many variations in barbecuing around the United Kingdom. Families and friends typically get together in the summer on weekends and holidays. As the weather is generally not suitable for ‘al fresco’ eating throughout the majority of the year, barbecues are thought of as big occasions and people take advantage of the weather. Individuals largely barbecue similar foods in the UK, such as burgers and sausages, but there are certain regional variations.
The North
Black pudding is a typically northern dish and is also associated with parts of the Midlands. Lancashire, in particular, produces much black pudding. Cooked on the barbecue, black pudding can be served instead of a sausage, or as a starter with salad.

Rhubarb can be used as a sweet sauce for meat or fish, or more commonly as a dessert. One of the most popular areas for rhubarb in the world is West Yorkshire. Known as the Rhubarb Triangle, the area between Wakefield, Bradford and Leeds grows much of the country’s rhubarb.
The Midlands
Lincolnshire sausages are very popular all over the United Kingdom and are, of course, made in the Midlands. When compared with other sausage variations, Lincolnshire ones are more herby, rather than spiced or peppered. Typically, sage is the most common herb, although others can also be used.
The South
Cornish seafood is extremely well respected in the United Kingdom. Many famous chefs such as Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver have opened seafood restaurants in Cornwall to take advantage of this. Cornish seafood is barbecued all over the UK, and dishes are served with a simple citrus marinade.

Because of the many different cultures in London, the capital has plenty of diverse ethnic foods, including Turkish kebabs and fish, Jamaican jerk chicken and sweetcorn, and many more.
Although not traditionally considered a barbecued food, haggis is becoming very popular north of the border. One way of serving it is in small balls on kebab skewers with vegetables – similar to a chicken or beef kebab skewer.

Scottish seafood such as kippers, salmon and shellfish is world famous. Smoked fish is particular popular, and especially Scottish smoked salmon. Many different marinades and sauces can be used for barbecued seafood. But often the seafood is left alone with just some lemon and pepper.
Laverbread, which is a mixture of seaweed and oatmeal made into patties, is a popular Welsh dish. The patties are generally fried in a pan and served with bacon or cockles, but the same can be achieved by using a barbecue to cook them.

Welsh rarebit is a dish that is made from cheese, bread and various other ingredients. It is usually cooked under a grill, but if it is wrapped in tin foil, it can be made on a barbeque, too.

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