Putting together the perfect food and drink gift hamper

Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, there always seems to be some kind of occasion that we need to buy gifts for, and every year it seems harder and harder to find something unique and original. Chocolates, flowers, perfume, ties, you name it we’ve sent it at some time or another and are loathe to repeat gifts as the recipient will no doubt instantly recall that you have bought it for them before.

You can never go wrong with gifts that include food and drink in some shape or form, and these can be tailor made to compliment their personal tastes and preferences. While there are many online sites that offer these types of hampers they tend to be very expensive and will invariably include items that they will never use and will gather dust in the back of the kitchen cupboard until it is eventually thrown out.

There are, however, some excellent sites which only offer top quality items and are so beautifully packaged that you really can’t go wrong. These make superb gifts that will be gratefully received for any occasion, and there are also specialist hampers that are for certain occasions and times of year, such as Easter or Mother’s Day.

Putting together one yourself can be fun and the contents can be spread over a period of time to save having to fork out the money in one lump. One of the best gift hampers you can put together is one that contains all local produce from the area they live in. There is a big push for us all to make use of the great local produce that is on offer in the UK at the minute, and rightly so.

Local delicacies that are prevalent to one area of the UK can make great hampers as there will always be something locally produced that, for some reason or another, we never try. Local produce can be vast and varied, and such things as cheese, jam, honey, pickles, sauces, butter are always well received, as are bottles of local ales, cider and wines. Fresh items such as cakes and biscuits can be bought last and added in just before you give them it.

It’s hard to understand at times but some things that are specialist to one area are very often easier to track down in other areas, so head online if you want to find something specific or in a flavour that sells out quickly in local outlets.

Courtesy of www.hampergifts.co.uk