New Scottish cookery book set to tantalise everyone's taste buds

A new cookbook is about to add itself to the libraries of chefs around the country and perhaps even around the world as Relish Publications is set to release its new title Relish Scotland Second Helping, a cooking book set to go on sale on February 25th.

To celebrate, the chefs around Scotland will drink and eat canapes in the brand new restaurant of Mark Greenaway. This hard cover is meant for all the new aspiring chefs along with armchair cooks of the world according to Teresa Peters who works at the publication. From her comments, she said that the chefs of the region work hard to prepare meals for locals and tourists, and deserve a moment to celebrate the brand new book.

This new book adds itself to previous editions which were received and covered in a number of restaurant. The new one is presented by celebrity chef Tom Kitchin, and it does include an entry from his own restaurant The Kitchin. Tom said that it was an honour for him to be part of this beautiful new recipe book.

It will cover meals from all parts of Scotland and its surroundings, including Wales, Lancashire, Manchester and the Midlands. Mark Greenway’s restaurant will be the inaugural location for the launch which is expected to be celebrated by many, as it took quite some time to get the book done.

The cookbook will be priced at £20 which is an aggressive pricing for this type of book, following the first edition which won several awards for its imagination and great meals. The book will be available online and through multiple libraries and bookstores, and the whole series will be complete with all of the books of the Relish Cook Books, or directly from the publisher’s web site.