New pickles from Opies make the perfect gift for Christmas

It’s now the time of year when we can no longer ignore the speed with which the festive season is approaching. There is no better time than Christmas to give way to indulgences and to treat yourself, or a loved one, to a gift that will last long after the tinsel and the lights have been packed away again.

The new range of pickles from Opies are such a gift, so why not pop a few jars into your cupboard, or add a couple to a hamper and give someone special a luxury gift that they will greatly appreciate.

All of the new pickles in the Opies range are created using authentic and traditional pickling recipes that have been perfected over the past 130 years, which use herbs and spices and are the ideal accompaniment to a whole range of winter dishes.

Among the newest products are Opies sliced beetroot in malt vinegar and Opies baby beetroot in red wine vinegar, each creating a perfect blend of both tangy and sweet flavours. Both of these sit perfectly alongside a whole range of meats that include venison, bacon and chicken, and are also a great complement to prawns, quail and scallops.

Another great addition to the Opies range are their pickled onions in malt vinegar, the perfect accompaniment to Boxing day leftovers, cold meat buffets, or simply eaten straight from their jar.

Opies pickled pears on spiced malt vinegar are another new addition, and these have been created using the finest quality pears which have been blended with malt vinegar and special spices. This is an unusual pickle which sits particularly well alongside cold meats, poultry and game dishes and mature cheeses.

You can also add a tasty addition to meat dishes in the form of Opies pickled cornichons with a bay leaf and Opies pickled red cabbage in malt vinegar. These snacks are also delicious with chicken and other vegetables such as red onions, so make the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas Day dinner.

For more information, visit where you can find a selection of inspiring recipes as well as an online shop containing a selection of Opies best-selling products.