New Honeycomb Chilli Chocolate is a sensation

This is a message to chocolate lovers everywhere, whether you are young, old, or somewhere in between, there’s a brand new chocolate that you simply have to try.

The nations favourite chilli enthusiasts, South Devon Chilli Farm, had added a new Honeycomb Chilli Chocolate to their already exciting range. This chocolate offers a hint of chilli warmth, and is a true taste sensation.

Gorgeous plain, Belgian chocolate has been subtly blended with selected chillies grown at the South Devon Chilli Farm and a hefty serving of chunky Honeycomb has also been added. Developed thanks to the assistance and the taste buds of YET, the Young Enterprise Team from Oreston Community Academy, Plymouth, this chocolate has been produced for both adult and child chocoholics.

The combination of chocolate and chillies has been popular in South America and Mexico since the Mayans and Aztecs and they really do go together superbly. Dick and James Strawbridge recently visited the South Devon Chilli Farm, as featured on The Hungry Sailors programme (19th January 2012, ITV). Commenting on the Chilli Chocolate, James said: “It smells amazing. Rich, dark and full of promise. We should look at using Chilli Chocolate in our cooking as well as fresh chillies.” (Go to link –

The delicious Honeycomb Chilli Chocolate retails at £3.64 (in excess of 100 grams of ‘wafers’) and contains the following ingredients: dark chocolate (74% cocoa solids: 60% minimum), honeycomb: 25%, ground dried chilli: 1%, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla. It is the latest addition to the South Devon Chilli Farm’s portfolio of award-winning Chilli Chocolates, as follows: Original, Orange, Fruit & Spice, Coffee Bean, Mint and Extreme. The Extreme Chilli Chocolate is made with the mighty Bhut Jolokia chilli so is perfect for those who like it seriously hot. Also, in the range, is a Chilli Drinking Chocolate which makes a wonderfully warming Mexican style hot chocolate drink (250 grams, £6.26).

The South Devon Chilli Farm’s range of products are available nationwide in delis and independent stores and are also available online at Why not plan a visit to Devon and add the South Devon Chilli Farm to your list of destinations to go to and see for yourself the impressive range of chillies grown and the passion that goes into the products. When you’re there, enjoy a coffee and lunch in the stylish café whilst taking in the beauty of South Devon countryside.