Marvellous Mince Pie Manufactory at The Exchange in Ilford

To celebrate this Christmas, the Exchange in Ilford is taking one of our oldest traditions and adding a contemporary twist by asking both children and adults to create their own unique mince pies by using interesting new fillings. These include the downright bizarre such as honey and insects, to the rather more conventional like apple paste.

This ‘pop-up’ mince pie workshop is inviting visitors to create their own modern version of the Christmas institution. Welcoming the visitors into the marvellous mince pie manufactory will be none other that the explorer extraordinaire Maximillion Mcmince and the world famous Mrs Claus, who will be on hand to amuse all with her tales of Christmas past and also lend a hand in the mince pie making.

Mrs Claus’ main assistant, both inside and out of the manufactory will be the chief Elf from the local Elf and Safety Dept. Armed with geeky glasses and an ever present clipboard, he will he on hand to ensure that all the Clauses in the Christmas contract are completed and ticked off.

Whilst mixing up your mince pie filling, visitors will also witness the world’s most expensive mince pie in all its glory. Worth over £3,000. the mince pie will be on display until December 19th before it is given away to one lucky shopper who will be given the ultimate Christmas gift and take the world’s most expensive pie home!

The whole pie will be brushed with Eggnog and gilded with the highest-grade platinum leaf a technique popular with wealthy Victorians before being dusted with precious Ambergris sugar a secretion from the sperm whale gathered from the sea used by Sir Kenelm Digby’s recipe of 1670. Sticking with tradition the pie will also use a 1920’s cognac and Tokaij Essentica, a sweet white wine appreciated by English connoisseurs since the 18th century.