Major drive to boost British food exports

The government have announced they are going to be running a drive to increase the amount of British food that is being exported to such high-growth countries as China and India.

Michael Moore, the Scottish Secretary, has stated that this is going to be of particular benefit to Scotland. The plans have been put together by Defra and Mr Moore has stated that they are going to help boost the Scottish economy.

A governmental survey that was revealed this week has shown that the drink and food exports from Scotland were worth around £4 billion to the economy in 2010. The government drive is also going to have input from several organisations including Scottish ones such as the Scotch Whiskey Association.

The idea behind the government drive is that it is going to reduce the amount of paperwork required to export food products. It is also going to encourage networking events between buyers and sellers and establish principles of best practice to make export easier.

Politically, the government are going to encourage countries to lift bans on meat from the UK. Currently in China, both British lamb and beef are banned but it is hoped that this will be lifted in the near future.

The Scottish government have also announced plans to promote their meat products, although they are focusing their efforts on just Europe. The government announced that they have earmarked £300,000 to promote lamb and beef from Scotland being exported across Europe.

Mr Moore commented, “The drink and the food of Scotland are internationally known for their quality and we’re looking forward to developing our international trading strategy and establishing ourselves in emerging markets around the world.”