Local foods are not always local

About 20% of the labels are falsely leading consumers about local foods and those items that are said to be misleading include Devon ham from Denmark, Somerset butter from Scotland, West country fillets from China and Welsh lamb from New Zealand.

Others include Yorkshire chillies in sausage had really been purchased in supermarkets and fresh local cream was a cream substitute with fat says research done by LGR, the local government regulation that oversees council regulation.

The LGR tested, in over 300 shops, markets, productions centres, and restaurants, more than 550 local products in England and Wales and they found 14% could not be verified and were considered false, and over 18% with local claims were false. Those with the highest percentage of false claims were restaurants and manufacturers had the lowest with only just over 10%.

To endure the consumers get the right information and is not being ripped off, the council is working with businesses and understands that the results are worrisome knowing that consumers want to buy locally produced products that are not from somewhere around the globe.

The legal definition of “local” products is vague at best and needs to be clearer since a study found that consumers only spend about five seconds reading the label of each product.