Local Christmas food event in North Walsham proves very popular

Food that comes with a very local flavour was one of the main attractions of the North Walsham Atrium arts centre at the Saturday Christmas festival. Outside of the local tastes, there were more than 2000 paper plates filled to the brim with meals that were prepared with the hopes to promote the fishing industry in Norfolk.

The arts centre food event was able to attract over a thousand people and was organised with help from the Norfolk Business Forum with some funding provided by local organisations and businesses and additional funding from the Pathfinder grant and loan scheme.

Matthews stated that they are stunned to have such a high attendance rate. Many of the stallholders stated just how great of an atmosphere there was at the festival and almost all of them said that they would come back.

Other event attractions included a truffle making demo and some food tastings. There were over twenty different stands that offered local produce including pies, bread, and pickles and some great tasting chocolates, chutney, and chillies.

Matthews explained that the festival idea was to push smaller producers since they are the ones that need to get some more customers in. They hope that the festival will help to increase the North Walsham profile on a national level.

Outside of the stalls, visitors also had a chance to stop by the Atrium food technology suite in order to see some great local chefs put on cookery demonstrations. Some of the demos include Daniel Smith from the Ingham Swan, Steven Norgate from the Beechwood Hotel, and Stuart Tattersall from the Gunton Arms.