Lancashire shames its dirty eateries

For the first time in Lancashire, the dirtiest kitchens will be named and shamed. Each one rated on its food hygiene, close to 5,000 restaurants, hotels, pubs, supermarkets and takeaways will be listed next year.

Before choosing where to eat in Chorley, Fylde, Lancaster, South Ribble, Ribble Valley or West Lancashire, the public can access information online or see certificates displayed in the premises.

Naming and shaming the worst offenders is what one chef said the system would be good for. . It’s a great idea and I am all for naming and shaming and recognizing the best ones, said Steve Morgan who has cooked at the Hand and Dagger in Salwick for the past three months.

Hopefully it succeeds in raising the standard across the board and it’s a legal requirement so everyone should be all for it

Other councils have their scores on the doors systems and in Preston hygiene information has been available to the public since the council launched its Foodsafe programme in 2008. Some 700 eateries are currently rated from a low of zero stars to a high of five stars, in Preston.

Known as Peter Pan earlier this year, the Chicken Grill in Friargate is the only zero star premises in the city. It received zero stars when it was still known as Peter Pan. It was described by an inspector as one of the worst he had ever seen. There are currently seven one star outlets, 40 two star meaning they are still failing to comply with hygiene law. The vast majority fall in the “broadly compliant” categories with three and four stars. Over 90 received five stars.

The new scheme will see it easier to get a higher score and some 180 should have their rating increased while more than 60 will see it lowered.