Jessica Salter is the expert in UK street food

From seasonal treats to gourmet burgers, Jessica Salter is the one to head to if you want to know the street food that is available in Britain. Of course, it only takes a quick look down the road to see that people are selling food from off market stalls, out of vans, and even sometimes from out of their own personal kitchens.

Street food is not something new because it actually dates back as far as the 12th century to ‘cookshops’ and of course you can imagine that it existed long before this as well. Richard Johnson, aged 49, the food writer remembers it different however stating that fast food on the streets only came about a few years ago. He said that he had just returned from New York and in the morning woke up hung-over wondering why they did not have the same type of great street food in London.

He said this led him to promote street vendors so he created the 2010 Street Food Awards and in the first year alone there were 300 entries. However, the entries were not all that impressive and Johnson was looking for excellent food that would blow people away.

He said that it was too early and the street food revolution had not come full circle yet, but this year there are 3,000 entries allowing for some intense competition. The winner of the ‘best of the best’ category will be announced this week and the lucky winner will get a business consultation with Marks & Spencer.

Some of the dishes that are nominated include an organic pigeon and bacon wrap, some Scottish blue cheese soup, foraged berry porridge, and truffle. Of course, traditional pizzas and bangers are in the mix as well.