Jamie Oliver continues his quest to improve school dinners

Jamie Oliver continues his quest to improve school dinners

Jamie Oliver has sent out a new review into school dinners stating that it is time for something to actually be done about school dinners instead of just more expensive reports on the matter. The celebrity television chef stated that he is very worried that ministers are going to ignore the inquiry by the Government into meals.

Michael Gove, the Education Secetary, announced that John Vincent and Henry Dumbleby will lead a review into the food that is served inside of schools to the UK children. The report was commissioned after concerns were voice that youngsters are being offered unhealthy foods for meals and that food standards need to be revised.

Oliver first led a campaign to improve the quality of school lunches seven years ago and is concerned that ministers are taking their time with the initiative and dragging their feet.

He stated that he is sure that Vincent and Dumbleby will do a great job on the report but stated that it is not the right time for more costly repairs to be commissioned. Instead, it is time to finally do something about the problem and that it does not seem as if Gove is really ready for action. He added that this just delays action for another year.

Campaigners welcome the upcoming review stating that it will investigate school dinners across the UK and hopefully help create an action plan that will look closely at how schools can improve their food standards. In addition, it will also look at factors such as how schools make choices about their food.

Gove stated that over the last few years there has been an improvement over how school food is picked and slowly more schools are changing their school dinners so that food growing in farms is slowly entering curriculums.