Government plans set to boost Scottish exports

Michael Moore, the Scottish Secretary, has stated that he believes the government plans to boost food exports to high-growth markets are going to benefit Scotland.

The drive by the government is expected to boost the export of drinks and foods to markets such as China and India.

Defra, the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, is going to be supporting the consumption of UK food in the international market and encouraging exporters to take advantage of new opportunities abroad. A recent survey estimated that in 2010, food and drink exports from Scotland were worth around £4 billion.

The government’s plan of action, which has involved consultation with the Scotch Whisky Association, has said that many types of food and drink will be on display during the London Olympics to attract people into purchasing them from international locations.

The plan is also to make the export of food easier ,and work to reduce the amount of paperwork required. It is also expected that networking events between businesses will occur during the Olympic season and beyond. The government also want to work to reduce the restrictions that some British meat has abroad, such as the ban of British lamb and beef in China.

It was recently announced that the Scottish government will also be encouraging the increased export of its products abroad, although on a relatively smaller scale. The government has said that it will be putting £300,000 towards the promotion of lamb and beef in Scotland to European countries. They’ve also announced further plans to promote Scottish products in the Asia-Pacific region which is going to focus on red meat, seafood and whisky.