Food in the UK Should Be Celebrated and Shared

When giving food gifts or thinking of foods for special occasions, we have excellent options right here in the UK. Although the cuisine here in the UK doesn’t enjoy the shining reputation of some of our European neighbours, living here allows us to eat quite well. Although British cuisine has unjustly carried the reputation of being boring, bland and heavy, real food connoisseurs know better. Food in the UK is quite diverse and each region has its own special cuisine. We have access to a wide variety of delicious food here in the UK and giving it as presents is a nice way to celebrate it and show the important people in our lives how much they mean to us.

Because the UK consists of several islands, we have access to excellent coldwater fish such as salmon. Smoked salmon and other smoked fish, oysters and caviar are delicacies worth sharing and make wonderful presents. Modern British cuisine places a strong influence on using local, high quality ingredients and has been influenced by the Slow Food movement. The Slow Food movement was developed to fight against the spread of fast food and to preserve regional and traditional cuisine. Fish and chips, steak and kidney pie and bangers and mash are examples of traditional British dishes.

The traditional English tea and biscuits is a lovely gift that your mum can enjoy on her special day. A gift with treats such as biscuits, cakes, jellies and of course, fine English tea is something that will make any afternoon special. Mother’s Day is not far away and food hampers make great gifts for mums. They are a great way to thank her for all the delicious food she has prepared for you over the years.

Another great gift idea for Mother’s Day or any special occasion is a picnic hamper filled with gourmet food. Now that the weather has finally warmed up enough to spend time outside, now is a great time to celebrate with a lovely picnic. Enjoy the diverse and delicious food options and fresh ingredients we have here in the UK. Give the gift of good food to the people you love.