Food in Amsterdam

An Advertising Feature

For foodies, travel and food often complement each other perfectly. Booking cheap flights to Amsterdam that pop up all over the place often should take some of the pain out of the expense incurred getting there. After all, the lower the transportation and accommodation costs, the more money can be made available for spending on food.

There is a bit of a sliding scale of things everyone should try when they go to Amsterdam. It starts with the good restaurants at the top ends with fast food at the so-bad-it’s-good bottom. Whatever anyone says, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a 1Euro kroketten from a machine in a FEBO on one of the high streets. These croquettes are entirely different to ones in the UK. There are different varieties and flavours, chicken, meat and vegetable. Everyone likes a naughty fast food treat once in a while.

Amsterdam is also famous for pancakes. There are many pancake houses in the city. One of the loveliest is one of the most well known. The Pancake Bakery is near to the Ann Frank House on Prinsengracht. It therefore makes sense to go and visit the Anne Frank House, perhaps the most important place to visit while you are here, before heading to the Pancake Bakery afterwards.

The place is like a cross between an American diner and a cosy farm cottage. Each table has a selection of syrups on it and the pancake menu is vast. The apple pancake is divine. There’s no skimping on apple content or for that matter, pancake circumference.

The Dutch are famous for their cheese too. You will find numerous cheese shops and stalls in the city. The most prevalent cheeses are Gouda and Edam, which you will see huge wheels of in the smallest of shop windows. You will find the kaas brodjie, or cheese roll in every café here.

While there are traditional restaurants in the city, going to one is perhaps more of a tourist activity than something the locals do often. In the UK, Brits enjoy restaurants serving the food of other places sometimes more than those serving traditional English food, such as the Sunday roasts. Similarly, the Dutch have many great Thai and Indian restaurants. Rakang Thai Restaurant is one of the city’s favourites. The restaurant is in the trendy Jordaan district of the city. The service is excellent and table settings are colourful and kitsch, in keeping with the tone of the district. You’ll get the usual chicken, duck, beef and pork dishes as well as a great seafood selection. Here too are staple green and red curry dishes.

Before coming to the restaurant, spending some time in the district while the shops are open makes for a great day out. The famous Nine Streets are here, with their cute boutique shops.

When you have sampled the food, be sure to find a decent bar in the city to sample the other thing the Dutch are famous for – beer.


Sophie Collard (@QunoSpotter) writes about fascinating places to visit and people she’s met while on her travels. She’s travelled in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia and loves the sense of distance and changing landscapes.