DipNation at Tesco

Tesco are launching an award winning dip selection by DipNation, a company who are  based in Fife and have a wide range of dips which are going to be made available in Scottish Tesco Stores.

DipNation was founded by Juliet and Jeremy Williams and they say that their inspiration came from the amount of choice available in the international market for dips. When they were in the UK they realised that there was very limited number of dips available and they wanted to target this niche. Patrick Gilmore is the brother of Juliet Williams who is also involved in the company and as a chef he helped create the dip recipes.

Currently the dip is available in various farm shops around Fife and they have proved very popular with local consumers. The use of fresh ingredients and the delicious flavours meant that they were awarded prizes for food excellence as well as their customer’s loyalty. Because of their initial success they were rolled out on a wider basis and have now finally made it into a large supermarket.

Juliet Williams has commented, “It is very exciting for us to be launched in such a large supermarket. We are very pleased that they have taken our small locally produced products and are going to turn it into a major brand. We think that Tesco’s embracing of local producers and smaller retailers is a very positive thing for the market and we are very proud of what we have managed to achieve.”

It is clear why Tesco’s have decided to launch the range now as dips are very popular around Christmas time. They are seen as a great side dish to have when preparing a meal for friends or they are perfect as a snack.

Lynne Roxburgh who is responsible for sourcing local products at Tesco supermarkets in Scotland has said, “We are always looking for products from local producers to bring to our stores and we pride ourselves on bringing in the highest quality food from these local producers.

The company were present at an event we held last year where small companies get to introduce their products to Tesco. We were very impressed by what they were offering and thought they would be the perfect addition to our range.”