Crisps made from bread

The crisp market in the UK is worth over £1 billion and a crisp manufacturer has recently announced that they have created a crisp made from bread and they are suggesting that it will revolutionise the market. The crisp has been developed by Symington’s which is based in Leeds and the product has been named Bread Crisps. The crisps are going to be launched next week and will be appearing in Morrisons stores across the country.

Assuming the initial launch is successful, other retailers will be rolling out the crisps at the start of 2012. Currently the manufacturer is engaged in talks with other leading supermarkets about the launch of the crisp. David Salkeld is the Chief Executive of the company and he has recently commented, “We are planning to develop a great deal more products in the same vein and we expect that if the crisp is successful we will be creating hundreds of jobs in the near future.”

Mr Salkeld purchased Symington’s four years ago and since that time he has tripled the company’s size through six acquisitions. He has also been responsible for launching 500 new products under the company name and these include pastas, noodles, soups, snacks and various baking products.

Currently the company are making over £12 million profit a year and it is expected next years turnover will reach around £170 million. Andrew Wade is the marketing manager responsible for the launch of the crisps and he has recently commented, “These crisps are made from very thin slices of bread and it is very important that consumers realise that they are baked and not fried which means that they are a much healthier option than traditional fried potato crisps.”

Mr Salkeld has commented, “The chips are definitely not a low-fat product but when you compare them with standard crisps they are a much better alternative. A 25 gram serving of the crisps contains around a hundred calories and this is much less than a normal packet of crisps.”

The product is being sold in large packets and is intended to target people who want to share their crisps. The company have identified this is a growing market in the UK and it is currently worth over £600 million. More people are deciding to entertain at home as they have less disposable income to go out and this means people are buying more crisps to have as snacks while they are entertaining friends.

The crisps are being produced in Bradford and the factory employs nearly 50 people. The factory where the crisps are being produced was previously used to make croutons which meant that it was only utilised to its maximum level in the summer months as this is when the demand for croutons  was the greatest. The fact that it has now been converted into a crisp manufacturing facility means that it will remain busy throughout the year.

Mr Salkeld continued, “Our main competitors are Doritos and Pringles and these are the real giants in the industry. Even if we take away just 10% of what Pringles currently sell we would still have a business worth £10 million.” The crisps are being launched in four flavours and have been launched in the run-up to Christmas and the New Year as this is usually a time when people spend more on snacks like crisps.