Cornish Bara is latest snack craze

Snack giant Ginsters, famous for their savoury pastries, are planning on changing what the UK snacks on. They are launching their new product the ‘Cornish Bara’. Describes as the love child of a pasty and a sandwich, the Bara is quite unique. It is filled with fresh ingredients from the UK, which is encased in a bread dough which seals in the flavour.

It is perfect for eating on the go as there is no mess. The flavours are appetising too, with Hog Roast, Spicy meatball and Flame Grilled Chicken amongst others. A satisfying a quick snack, A Cornish Bara just needs 90 seconds in a microwave, ideal for eating on-the-go without any mess.
To celebrate the merging of two of the nation’s favourite snack foods, Ginsters is launching ‘love child’, the iPhone app guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. Simply take a regular self portrait snapshot and a photograph of your favourite celebrity, friend or partner and let the ‘love child’ app do the rest. The app combines both images to create a personalised ‘love child’ photo which can be easily uploaded to your Facebook page, with hilarious results.

The app will be available free to download from the iTunes App store from 14th March 2011.

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