Chefs aim to raise the foodie profile of North Wales

North Wales is known for a lot of interesting tourist attractions, including castles and traditional buildings. But some of the chefs around the region want it to become known for the great food that they can offer as well. A coalition of chefs in all sorts of food industries like bakers, butchers, brewers and even bee keepers got together and decided to promote North Wales into a tourist destination for great food.

The group hopes to make this area into one of the top five destinations in the UK for visitors, and they already launched the Food North Wales project, a web site aimed at showcasing some of the great food that they can produce. The goal is to give tourists a taste for the area, so that they will want to come visit, and perhaps even come back in upcoming years. The whole campaign is run by the Tourism Partnership North Wales society.

Right now, Wales is renowned for its lamb, and exports it to a worldwide audience. But the team wants to bring attention to more than just lamb, beef or pork. By creating a site that focuses on every type of food available in North Wales, it hopes to increase tourism, according to Carole Startin, an event director for the organisation.