Barbecues and Beach Bums, Avoiding British winter in style

The best way to stop those grey rainy days getting you down is to jet away somewhere hot and sunny. And where better to recharge your batteries than on an Australian beach, eating freshly barbecued food and watching surfers ride the waves?  The lure of fresh fish, the biggest crayfish you’ve ever seen and juicy fat steaks – all cooked to perfection on the barbecue – is irresistible. So nab your cheap flights to Sydney by booking early, and start dreaming of beach life, Aussie style.

A ‘barbie’ is an essential part of Australian family life and suits the outdoors lifestyle just fine. Everywhere you go, there are gas or wood-fired barbecues available for anyone to use, in the parks, on camp sites and on beaches. Many of Australia’s beaches are well equipped for picnics and to Australians that means barbecues! The spiritual home of the ‘beach barbie lifestyle’ is Sydney, and particularly Bondi Beach – one big reason why cheap flights to Sydney are in demand.

Everyday barbies, at home or on the beach

The classic ingredients for an Australian barbecue are: meat, shrimp, beer and salads. For an everyday barbie at home or on the beach you might just throw on a few sausages (or ‘snags’), and a couple of steaks or chicken pieces and some chopped onions. Stuffed into some fresh crusty bread and washed down with ice cold beer, this is the perfect snack for lazy days by the beach or the pool. Most homes have gas powered barbecues which can be quickly fired up for an impromptu snack, or to prepare a delicious picnic for taking out on a fishing trip.

Classic seafood barbies

The freshly caught local delicacies of the sea are mouthwatering. Shrimps have always been popular and can be skewered for easy cooking – only taking about five minutes to grill. A classic Australian marinade using herbs, lemon juice and garlic makes them even more delicious. Swordfish steaks are a speciality and Barramundi is a hugely popular fish with white flesh and a subtle flavor. Both are perfect for grilling on the barbie. When they really want to impress their guests, Australians will stuff a Barramundi with aromatic herbs and spices such as coriander, lemon grass, chilli and ginger, and wrap it in foil to bake on the barbecue.

How to enjoy an Australian barbecue

Traditionally, it’s the men who cook the meat whilst the women are expected to provide the accompaniments. These usually include fresh crusty bread, a range of salads and the essential tomato ketchup. Foil-wrapped potatoes and skewered vegetables such as courgette, mushroom and aubergine are also often cooked on the barbecue.

At a beach barbecue you might play beach games such as football, volleyball, or beach cricket, and you will definitely have a dip in the sea. Guests should always bring drinks with them, as a copious supply of chilled ‘bevies’ is all part of the enjoyment.  With a choice of cheap flights to Sydney on offer, that sizzling, mouthwatering barbie is so close you can almost taste it.