An Indulgently Boozy Christmas Pudding

Christmas is a time for families and the opportunity for a little over –indulgence, particularly where food and drink are concerned. One of the main focal points of Christmas Day is the traditional Christmas dinner of roast turkey and most people will finish their meal with a traditional Christmas pudding. Making your own pudding may involve a little effort but is very worthwhile and there are many recipes to choose from which are extremely easy to follow and can be made in advance to save time on Christmas day.

Sainsbury’s have a great recipe for a traditional Christmas pudding on their website. It is packed full of fruit with cranberries, sultanas, dates, figs and apricots and you can choose between using brandy, dark/golden rum or Armagnac depending on your preference. This recipe is extremely easy to follow and basically involves combining all the ingredients and then steaming the pudding for about eight hours. This can be done in advance so the pudding will just need reheating on Christmas Day, which can be done while you are eating the main course. The full list of ingredients and the recipe are on the Sainsbury’s website.

The Good To Know website offers a Christmas pudding recipe which is slightly different. It still contains the traditional fruit of sultanas, cherries, raisins and currants but the alcohol in the pudding is brandy and brown ale. This is a quicker recipe to make as the pudding only has to be steamed for three hours but you could still prepare it in advance if that is more convenient.

If you prefer to make a traditional Christmas pudding, but with an extra helping of alcohol, then the recipe on UKTV’s website may be to your taste. As well as dried fruit this pudding also contains brandy, rum and Irish stout. The recipe takes a little longer to prepare as the fruit has to be soaked in the alcohol for five days before actually making the pudding. UKTV recommend serving this pudding with homemade crème anglais which includes armagnac for an extra boozy touch. The crème anglais is quick to make and could be done whilst the pudding finishes reheating on Christmas day. Full details of how to make the pudding and the crème anglais, including the ingredients, are shown on the UKTV website.

There is a wide choice of Christmas pudding recipes available to choose from and all of them will generally contain the same types of fruit with the main difference being the type of alcohol included in the pudding. Surprisingly easy to make and able to be prepared in advance, why not make your own traditional boozy Christmas pudding this year and round off your Christmas dinner in style.

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