The County of Cheshire has recently announced that they are creating a brand which is related to the food and drink products created in the county.

The initiative has been welcomed by many chefs operating in Cheshire.

The name of the brand is ‘Taste Cheshire’ and it has been created for both tourists and residents so they can find out what foods come from this part of the country.

Michael Caines is a Michelin star chef and he is commented, “At my restaurant in Cheshire, we’re always trying to use the best local ingredients. I think the new concept is excellent and I am already heavily involved with this programme.”

It is not just restaurants who are set to benefit from the Taste Cheshire brand and many local farm shops and producers are also featuring on the newly created brand website. Mike Heler, who owns Joseph Heler Cheese has commented, “This is something that has been in huge demand in Cheshire for a long time. It represents an amazing opportunity for us to show off the quality of the food produced in our county and it is a scheme that I’m embracing with open arms.

“We want to bring Cheshire cheese back to the forefront of the British cheese market and we think this new brand is a fantastic way to do this. We are going to be able to work with restaurants as well as shops in order to improve the distribution of our cheese. We expect 2012 to be a very good year for our produce.”

The move has been championed by Marketing Cheshire, and Chris Brown from the organisation has stated, “Cheshire is a fantastic location for food and drink and this is going to tell visitors and residents exactly what is being made in the county. It represents a fantastic marketing opportunity for the county through 2012 and beyond.”