York Food and Drink Festival 2010

The York Food and Drink Festival is one of a kind, given the fact that it takes place within and around most of York’s unique historical venues. Also unique is the fact that the festival is run by an independent organization with a strict focus on food and drinks that are from Yorkshire.

There are two main elements that make up the event: events inside of the venues throughout the York area such as Mansion House and York Guildhall and Parliament Street, which are free to the public and offers beer tent, markets, demonstration area, and the city fountain that acts as an outside venue for events.

The theme for this year is Meet Yorkshire Food Heroes with plans for many early evening activities as well as later hour activities that will take place in the Beer Tent and the Fountain Café.  Also on the lineup for this year are extended demonstrations and an increase in the markets that line Parliament Street as well as the new Grazing Café.

At the center of the Festival will be the beer tent, which will serve from 11am until 9pm where one can purchase every type of drink including wines, soft drinks, cider, larger, and Yorkshire real ales.

The festival will take place from September 16th to September 18th and feature the Festival Ale Trail which begins at the beer tent and ends with a circle back.  Those who want their signature t-shirt for completing the trail will want to make sure to stop back and grab one.

Most restaurants in York will also be offering great deals throughout the festival with voucher booklets available to purchase at the festival and thru VIC.