Wirral’s Year of Food

If you plan to be in the vicinity of Port Sunlight Village on December 3rd to the 5th, don’t miss the finale of the Wirral’s Year of Food.  Port Sunlight is hosting its first ever Christmas Food Fayre and the event will be launched by Wirral’s mayor on Friday evening with a lantern parade, carols and a beautiful display as all of the Christmas lights are switched on for the season.

On Saturday and Sunday the main events will include a fabulous array of up to 100 stalls offering the best of local and regional cuisine and crafts.  You can sample and purchase award-winning pastries, cheeses, pies and pickles, to name only a few of the gastronomic delights.  There will also be a cornucopia of crafts from local artisans including toys, cooking utensils, jewellery and more, so bring your Christmas shopping bags.

In addition to the food and craft stalls, there will be various entertainments for both kids and adults.  Cooking demonstrations by some of the finest chefs on the peninsula, music and dance performances such as the Chinese Lion Dancers on the Selection Box Stage, and many other performers throughout the two days of the Fayre will add to the festivities.

The charming and picturesque Village will be even further adorned with beautiful fir trees, old-fashioned carousels and twinkling lights.  Santa will be holding court in a green bower in his own enchanted wood, complete with elves and real live reindeer.

Organizers of the Fayre are also encouraging visitors to make their ‘green’ contribution by taking advantage of the convenient bus or train service from Liverpool and Chester. A free gift is your reward for showing a ticket, plus you can feel free to partake of the excellent local beer and enjoy a free rickshaw ride, with bells on.

The opening festivities on Friday are free; tickets for Saturday and Sunday are free to children under 5, £1 for 5-18 and £2.50 for adults.