The Staffordshire Food and Drink Festival 2013 set to be the biggest yet

The Staffordshire Food and Drink Festival is getting ready to become a large event this year as Prime Minister David Cameron joins MPs from all around the UK to celebrate at this event, perhaps the largest of the type in England, where 22 companies will showcase their produces for the House of Commons. Already, every MP has arrived on the site along with the PM ready to see and taste the newest innovations in food and drink to be announced by those companies.

The initial purpose of this festival was to bring more eyes on the food products of the region and gain a higher reputation as a country where high quality and renowned food was produced. Susie Keenan is the director of Brown and Green, a food retailer from Trentham Gardens, one of the hosts of this year’s event. She told the press that they are honoured to play an integral role in showcasing Staffordshire and the food and drinks it can offer to the world.

Each farmer and food production outlet works hard to create the best possible produce as they can, and it shows as the ceremony brings more people from around the UK every single year. Keenan says that they consider themselves the voice of the local food industry and consider it to be a great reward to be able to fulfil that role.

The show will have a large selection of local favourites including pikelets, oatcakes, Hasbean coffee, Wizard apple juice and more. All of which are created locally by companies aiming to reach a larger market. These will be joined by many other companies from all across North Staffordshire. Rupert Evans, from Denstone Farm Hall, said that he comes to the celebration every year for six years now, and hopes to fly the flag for Staffordshire and its produce.

One of the main purpose of creating such a large event was to make people more aware of the large array of selections that come from this region, which according to Rupert, not enough people realise. He also hopes to get a chat with the Prime Minister about everything Staffordshire has to offer.