The Loch Arthur Creamery wins BBC award

The Loch Arthur Creamery is located in Scotland and it has recently won a top award. BBC Radio Four held its Food and Farming Awards and the establishment has been honoured as the best food producer in the UK. The farm started three decades ago and is a charity helping people with learning disabilities. Barry Graham is the production manager at the creamery and he said that it is a wonderful honour to have received this award.

Richard Lochhead is the secretary of the awards and he has offered his congratulations to the creamery for the exceptional produce that it creates, he said, “The creamery has seen of some of the toughest competition from all over the country and it has been rightly honoured as one of the finest food and drink producers anywhere. I am sure they are looking forward to a bright future in the food and drink industry.”

Mr Graham has commented, “This is something that we really did not expect, we know that the food we are producing is a high-quality but this kind of honour is just wonderful. We are a social enterprise and we work to help people who need support and a bit of extra care in their daily lives. The fact we can do this while making the best produce in the UK is something we are incredibly proud of.”