The great Wokingham Food & Drink Festival gets ready to kick off

Foodies are going to be in heaven at the Wokingham Food & Drink Festival this weekend as there will be culinary delights for as far as the eye can see. The annual event will offer the best in regional and local produce while also offering some international treats.

This year, organisers are very proud of what they have created as 70% of the exhibitors signed up to participate that live within the region of the Thames Valley. Kate Lole one of the principal organisers stated that they started the festival originally because they knew there were so many local foods. They believed that with so much local potential they needed to do something got promote it and over the past three years the festival has grown even more.

Lole went on to say that the local people who have started their own business are owed some way to exhibit the hard work that they have put into the business. She said that these small business owners are great and work hard every year. Therefore, the goal is to keep the festival affordable to attend and be a part of when you compare it to larger culinary festivals.

Visitors to the festival will get the chance to sample a lot of the local produce and also taste a large variety of beer wines, and ales. In addition, they can watch the cocktail making demo for some great tips about how to entertain.

The festival will kick off this year with performances on Friday night by the folk bands The Convulsions, Heathrow Jets, and the Howard Timberlake Band. On Saturday and Sunday there will be demo kitchens held at Elms Field as well as plenty of additional musical entertainment to make sure that everyone has fun at the festival.