Taste Cumbria Food Festival amazing financial success

It has recently been estimated that the complete impact on the economy of Cumbria, from the Taste Cumbria Food Festival, has been just over £500,000. The event is sure to be very popular, and it is seeing many notable people come to perform cookery demonstrations.

One of these is going to be James Martin, the famous TV chef, and it is estimated that around 20,000 people will be attending the event. The festival first launched in 2010, and attracted 17,000 people, and increased this figure by 1500 last year, and it is expected that a similar increase is going to take place this year.

The idea behind the festival is that it is going to promote economic development, sustainable food, and local merchandise, by encouraging people to purchase food from producers in the local area. There are many sponsors who have been attracted to the event, which are helping to make it possible including CN Group, Jenning’s and the Trout Hotel.

The event also receives funding from the Rural Development Program, and has been doing so since its outset in 2010. The event is something that offers a fantastic weekend of quality food, and a festival atmosphere. In addition to this there are many other events being organised, such as drink demonstrations, and multiple other events.

The Member of Parliament in the area is Tim Farron that he is recently commented, “Cumbria is a fantastic area in the UK for creating food and drink. We would go so far as saying as we think it is the best area. The businesses here are leading the way in the UK for creating incredible food, and we think that this Festival is a great way of showing people that this is the case. I’m proud to be the Member of Parliament for this area, especially during the festival.”