Southport Food and Drink Festival

In May’s Southport Food and Drink Festival all things chocolate will be the day long celebration that takes place. The organizers have teamed with Paul Morris from Ramsbottom’s Chocolate Café, the premier chocolatier to tantalize and tease the taste buds of each and every sweet tooth that visits.

There will be a myriad of unique products to sample such as gourmet chocolate bars, real drinking chocolate and of course bespoke truffles. There will be a chance to taste chocolate grown of beans from different parts of the world as Mr Morris will extol the virtue of single origin chocolate.

There will be chocolate from both Colombia and Indonesia and you can see how they taste different from one another. It is very easy to develop a preference for a region or country just as there are the preferences one has for different wines.

The Bandstand Gardens are the site of the Chocolate Festival in the town centre Saturday May 14. There will be sampling, shopping and lots of hands on activities for everyone. Free workshops will be available to learn how to make chocolates, demonstrations and sampling from the Divine Chocolate will be hosted by master chef, David Greenwood.