Somerset mince pie eating challenge

A Somerset contest was one to watch as 220 mince pies were eaten in just under ten minutes by 24 people making it a feat worth taking some time out to see. Glastonbury’s Michael Doggrell and Swindon’s Lee Palmer split the £1,000 prize as they both were able to get through 19 pies at the 2011 Wookey Hole’s Big Eat.

Doggrell stated that it was a surprise win for him as he only decided to participate for fun.  The record for the most mince pies eaten in ten minutes was set back in 2006 by professional speed eater Sonya Thomas from the United States when she consumed a whopping 46 mince pies.

Second place at this year’s contest was also a tie with Clive Pearson from Radstock and Wells participant Garry Harrison consuming 15 mince pies before the ten minute mark expired.

Doggrell said that he was able to get to the first place mark simply by switching between drinking water and eating which he said helped out since it created a pattern that allowed him to function basically on autopilot.  He plans to spend his prize on a honeymoon since he and his wife were not able to afford one when they were married at the start of the year.