Shrewsbury plans huge food festival for summer 2013

Next summer a huge food Festival is going to be held in Shrewsbury and it is expected by the organisers of the event that the town’s economy is going to be significantly boosted by the Festival. It is estimated that tens of thousands of pounds are going to be brought into the local economy because of this new event.

The event is going to be taking place next June in the Quarry and is going to see over 70 produces attend to showcase some of the best food in the local area. The event is going to be run for two days and the organisers are already expecting that thousands of people are going to attend.

It is not just producers who are going to be showing off food, and the event is going to attract some of the top chefs in the country who are going to conduct cooking demonstrations.

Between the 29th and 30th of June, the whole area of the town around the Quarry is going to be taken over by food producers in an event which is sure to be a landmark for the food industry in the town.

The founder of the Festival is Andy Richardson and he has recently commented, “We want to create a festival that celebrates the best local food in the area. We are also intending to involve schools in the town so young people can get excited about the food industry.

“We are already expecting that thousands of people are going to attend the festival which is going to be a huge boost for the local economy. We hope that this event will start happening on an annual basis.”